About us

I Share to Care is an initiative to create a community, which focuses on the little things which have a big impact in the lives of people they touch.

What is I Share to Care ?

I Share to Care is an idea that resonates at the very core of human existence:

To Care for what YOU believe in and Share it with the people you love

To share the things you believe in, To care for the people who need it,To share all that is good,To care for your community.

To value all things that make us Human.

Why are we doing it ?

A lot of individual acts of ‘Good’ get lost in daily life. Our belief is that by pooling the thoughts, beliefs and efforts of people committed to ‘Good’, we can achieve much more.

By connecting like minded people and organisations, I Share to Care helps them support the the causes they believe in. Through this community of diverse individuals and organisations who share common values, we hope to inspire collective action.

The Team

Naman Govil

Co-founder & Director

The idea for I Share To Care struck him during his education and travels abroad. I believe in this idea because I strongly feel that we need a community which nurtures values like compassion, consideration and sustainable living. These are the values that drive us to shape I Share to Care into the community it is meant to be.

Ankita Bhargava

Co-founder & Director

Ankita has worked with a number of causes through involvement with NGOs and social organizations. She envisions I Share to Care to be a self-sustainable community of socially conscious citizens who care and want to support real change.

Rishab Jain

Co-Founder & Director

Rishab has been instrumental in giving the idea of I Share to Care its current form. Envisions I Share to Care, as a community that creates impact across geographical boundaries. He wants to create impact through education and nutrition.