1. What is I Share to Care?
I Share to Care is a social enterprise which connects people to support the causes they believe
in through art, content and commerce. We use alternate ways of fundraising to support and drive
social change.

2. What does I Share to Care aim to achieve?
I Share to Care aims to bring together citizens and organizations into a community that
drives positive social change. Through our online portal where you can support the causes
that you care about, enable ideas and turn them into actions through communication,
contribution, and pooling of human effort.

3. How does it Work?

You can explore a cause close to your heart by reading about the work that’s happening in
the sector and finding a project you can support through the page.

4. How can I contribute?
You can support a cause you care deeply about by:

• Making a donation towards a project you think can make real difference
• Sharing a project you would like to support with your family and friends

5. How do I know the money I donate is going to the cause I support?

All donations will be directed towards the projects you support. We are transparent about
the projects we support and will provide you with updates and reports that tell you exactly
who you help and how.

6. How do I donate?

We are working on getting a Payment Gateway integrated for your convenience, while we
work on that you can make donations via Cheque, DD, Cash or Internet Transfer.

7. How do I become a partner with I Share to Care?

Go to the Partners page and click on “Become a Partner”. Send us your details through the
online form on the page and we will give you a call.