Walk for loose change

A unique event where Max Bupa collaboated with I Share to Care and walked with the children from Kusumpur Pahari Learning Centre to Lodhi Gardens


Project Synopsis

On Saturday, 12th October, I Share to Care along with Max Bupa, took 41 children from the Kusumpur Pahari Learning Center, to Lodhi Gardens for a walk and a picnic. We spent about 3 hours at the Lodhi Garden, which most of the kids were visiting for the first time. Their excitement had no bounds!

We also called all volunteers to bring along their loose change (chillar), to feel lighter after the walk!! A huge thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who supported this walk. We managed to raise INR 770 through the walk. All the proceeds would go towards I Share To Care’s ‘A Pen for A Pen’ Project. This walk has helped 39 children own pens for the first time!

Walk for (Loose) Change is going to come back soon – at a more exciting venue the next time! Please SHARE with your friends, because we know, you CARE.

Project Updates

No project updates yet! Stay tuned.