"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Thank You Everyone for helping us do all this !

A Pen for a Pen

A pen for a pen is an on-going project, the idea is very simple when you buy a pen from I Share to Care, a pen will be donated to an underprivileged child. With this philosophy for one-for-one, we aim to establish a better connect between the buyer and the person they are helping.

  • 240pens + 10 notebooks distributed to kids at various NGOs
  • 270pens sold
  • 5400rupees raised already

Computers Lab at the Naz Care Home

I Share to Care conceptualized a unique event where by simply being a part of the the exhibition the participants contributed towards setting up the computer lab. We raised enough money to setup 3 desktops and a netbook. This lab will now be used to train the children in office applications, photo editing, web development and social media marketing. All these skills will help the children to get jobs once they leave the care home helping them secure their future.

  • 4Computers funded
  • 1Lab built at the Naz care home
  • 30Children will get vocational training

Walk for Loose Change

I Share to Care along with Max Bupa, took 41 children from the Kusumpur Pahari Learning Center, to Lodhi Gardens for a walk and a picnic. We spent about 3 hours at the Lodhi Garden, which most of the kids were visiting for the first time. Their excitement had no bounds! We also called all volunteers to bring along their loose change (chillar), to feel lighter after the walk!! A huge thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who supported this walk. We managed to raise INR 770 through the walk.
P.S - We also managed to spot Amir Khan shooting his movie PK!

  • 770Rupees collected
  • 41Children had a picnic
  • 3Actors spotted


This showcase shows what is possible when we do 2 simple things. Share and Care.
These 2 simple things open a world of possibilities to touch the lives of people and communities around you. We hope this showcase inspires you to Share and Care.